Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Five Days of Shonen Knife: Day Three - Knife Collector Link-O-Rama...

So in this installment of Five Days of Shonen Knife, I thought I'd make an attempt at gathering a bunch of links and resources for all you Shonen Knife freaks.

By no means can I say that this is an exhaustive list. If you know of something online that's too good to not be included here, then feel free to share it in the comments!

I pretty much have to start with the THE SHONEN KNIFE NEXUS! This easily to most through place on the web for all your Shonen Knife needs. Here you'll find band history, an overview of their recordings, new and old tour info, and reports from fans all over the world. I love this site!

There's also of course their official web site! A fine place to get a glimpse into the SK universe. There's mostly Japanese content here though, so your mileage may vary.

This well-written FAQ was last updated in '97, but is still is quite helpful, and it also explains what happened to the Knife Collectors Fan Club...

Yeah, I know MySpace is kind of gaudy and spammy, but when you visit Shonen Knife's MySpace Page, it's a lot more bearable. There's always the music samples!

Unfortunately, a busy band like Shonen Knife just doesn't get enough time to maintain their Twitter account, but thankfully their new American record label Good Charamel is helping out. Their Twitter is full of mostly daily tour updates and fun tidbits. I'd follow both for good measure. :) UPDATE: SInce this was written, Naoko has been tweeting much more frequently, and often shares tour info, as well as tennis updates! Follow her!

Speaking of Good Charamel, Shonen Knife's western label has done a heck of a job promoting the new album and offering tour support. Their Shonen Knife webpage will be handy for following up on future releases.

Panache Booking is the band's booking agency here. You can download some nice resolution promo photos, and their stage plot diagram. (Hey, why not?) I sort of doubt you can just call and book SK for your birthday party, though...

If you're an LJ user, here's a community for you!
The Journal for Shonen Knife Fans

I know I just dissed MySpace for being crass and tacky, but once it's redeemed by 712 Boneyards excellent blog, The Naoko Zone! Pete makes no secret of his Shonen Knife devotion, and it shows in every post. The man is a true Knife Collector. Tons of fresh YouTube links too!

Alright, so how about music n' interviews...

Jenny Woolworth's Women In Punk Blog is full of neat stuff, and you'll going to especially love this. She's got MP3s of "Minna Tanoshiku", Shonen Knife's first cassette tape! Only 70 total copies of this ever existed, so unless you've got some dough, you're not getting this rarity any other way! It's available right here!

Youpidou's terrific blog Gle-Gle has got five, count em' FIVE fan recordings of Shonen Knife shows ranging from 1992 to 2005, and they all rock! Get em' here!

A 1997 interview with the band here!

A phone interview with Naoko and Michie, also from 1997, right here!

An interview with most recent incarnation of the band is available at J-Pop World. Now you can find out their blood-types!

And Style Invasion has a very recent interview with Shonen Knife, focusing on their fashion sense!

Photos And Other Stuff...

J-Blogger Mallocup has some nice photos from a Tokyo show back in March over at I Rub Your Brog.

A cool and very recent set of pics from Flickr user letsmakeart...

Also a rockin' set from the current tour by photographer Erik Hess...

A nice group portrait from Steve Hopson. What a charming trio!

Flickr user Ventolin sums it up well: "Shonen Knife, Period!"

Flickr user jcbehm serves up some freaky psychedelic images from a show at the The Entry.

And hellokitty2399 has some groovy shots from a recent show at a club called Mangos.

Whew! After all that, what do we do next for Day Four & Five? I'll figure it out tomorrow!


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