Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Five Days of Shonen Knife: Day Two - The Redd Kross Connection...

One more reason to love punk rock/power pop legends Redd Kross is that they were instrumental in helping Shonen Knife reach across the pond and find a larger audience.

少年ナイフ had already been together for a few years when Jeff and Steve McDonald of Redd Kross, (along with Thurston Moore) helped them them get a series of gigs in the USA, thus spreading word of the cult-band to new heights. Jeff McDonald and drummer Victor Indrizzo also lent a hand on Shonen Knife's first official full-length album in America, the must-have classic 712.

On 712, the ladies from Osaka decided to record a tribute to Redd Kross. The song is an awesome little gold nugget on an album of wonderful gems...

The mutual admiration didn't end there. Redd Kross returned the favor on their underrated album Third Eye with a song appropriately titled "Shonen Knife"...

"Come right in now, enjoy a choco bar
With the Shonen Knife
Yes, the rock and roll stars
Then wash your face at the public bath
Just around the corner, down the bamboo path, uh-huh"

Alright, more Shonen Knife goodness tomorrow. See ya later!

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