Thursday, November 12, 2009

Five Days of Shonen Knife: Day Four - Why Do We Love Shonen Knife?

Shonen Knife was a pet project imagined by two office ladies that originally met in college. They started out with a quickly recorded cassette tape and highly rudimentary musicianship. They didn't even quit their day jobs until the mid-nineties. So how did Shonen Knife become a beloved phenomenon that's lasted for 27 years?

It's simple, really.

Shonen Knife is still loved today because they tapped into something the world needs badly. A wonderfully positive vision that never turned a cynical eye onto the world. To see a band that sings about jellybeans, cookies, and the joy of bicycling without a hint of sarcasm and irony makes them a true breath of fresh air. Shonen Knife frequently experiments with new styles and sounds, but they never changed the vision. They're the Ramones on a sunny day.

Shonen Knife is still loved today because of the bond they've formed with their fans. Everything I've heard is that all of them have always been very approachable, friendly, and kind to their fans. It makes sense when you think about it, after all this is a band made by fans of music themselves. Shonen Knife exists purely out of a love for music, and it shows.

Shonen Knife is still loved today because they understand exactly what rock n' roll is supposed to be. Their music is simple, but wonderfully catchy. They've recorded songs that are up there with the best pop-nugget classics.

One day listening to their music, I realized that I knew all the words without ever trying to memorize them. Their music gently became embedded in my head, and now I find myself humming their songs all the time. I don't mind it one bit. :)

So you see, it's easy to love Shonen Knife, and it's no mystery how they've managed to continuing rocking after 27 years. They have one of the best formulas for musical longevity I've ever seen, and I hope they're around for another 27 years.

If you're fellow fan, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Why do you love these ladies from Osaka so much?

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Anonymous said...

This band is the reason I keep playing and enjoying music. I had the good fortune of seeing the 'Knife' in Montreal at le Petite Campus a few years back, and I was absolutely blown away. I'm so excited the ladies are back on tour. Simply the most pure and adrenalyzed potion of goodness around since the milk.

Thank you for posting this!