Friday, April 09, 2010

Let's Have a Shonen Knife Party...

Because I never need an excuse to post videos from my favorite band in the whole world.....

Lately I've been listening to Shonen Knife's wonderful album Brand New Knife like crazy again. Explosion!, Tower Of The Sun, Budda's Face, & Wind Your Spring are a few of my favorite tracks. Here's another classic gem, E.S.P.!

Next up we have some footage from Shonen Knife's recent trip to the The Philippines! Here they rocking an enthusiastic crowd as they scorch through Riding On The Rocket with the original Japanese lyrics!

Here's something from Rock Animals era knife! Check out the two fans bopping from side to side around (around 2:20) - That's exactly how Shonen Knife make me feel!

Amateur video of Shonen Knife at the FUN FUN FUN Fest in Austin! I would have loved to have seen this awesome outdoor show... (And Melt Banana was there too!)

Oh wow, classic Knife! From 1991! At CBGB's! So awesome I might cry...

Enjoy these videos and let Shonen Knife make your day a little better! I know it works for me!

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