Saturday, March 06, 2010

Supreme Nothing's 1/2 Hour of Power: Episode Dos!

Yes, it's here, and it's more supreme than ever! The second episode of my podcast-type thingy awaits you....

This time you get Brit-pop, all-girl Ramones tribute bands, blaxploitation jams, Brazilian psychedelica, Leonard Nimoy, and some amazing shoe-gazing post-rock from Japan that's so beautiful I want to cry. All of this and more is interlaced with random bits of noise and a little beat poetry here and there. It's like a crock-pot of awesome!

Download the goodness Right Here!

Here's the song list....

1:00 Cindy Williams - They Talk About Us (Great Britain)
3:45 Romanes - Teenage Lobotomy (Japan)
6:07 Mayuzumi Jun 黛ジュン - Tenshi No Yuuwaku (Japan)
9:09 John Barry - Goldfinger Instrumental (USA) (Buy it)
11:16 Joe Simon & J.J. Johnson - Theme From Cleopatra Jones (USA)
16:09 Os Mutantes - Ando Meio Desligado (I Feel A Little Spaced Out) (Brazil) (Buy it)
19:57 Leonard Nimoy - If I Had A Hammer (USA) (Buy it)
23:13 Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs - Skabetty (Japan) (Buy it from iTunes!)

Additional Thanks: user xserra for the Shinkansen Announcement recording. for the North Korean Radio recording.

Note: The purpose of Supreme Nothing's 1/2 Hour Of Power is to share music that deserves to be heard. We encourage you to support the artists behind the music you love. There is no profit to be made from this podcast, and no commissions are being received by the links provided to purchase music.

This is made out of love, and nothing more. :)

Enjoy the show!


Katie Muffett said...

I absolutely love these! You are such a wizard at compiling the most eccentric playlists.

Katie Muffett said...

Ahhh Mayuzumi Jun! I love that track!

supreme nothing said...

You're too kind, Katie! That's very nice of you to say, thanks very very much. With feedback like that, I'll just have to keep making more episodes!

And that Mayuzumi Jun song really wins me over too! I love her voice, and that awesome steel guitar!

guitarbrother said...

Yaaay! Can't wait to listen.

Anonymous said...

Very nice video. Just so cool!