Thursday, February 22, 2007

101 Outer Space Jokes With Will Eisner!

This paper paperback collection of sci-fi themed short comic strips and single panel gags came out in 1979, riding the wave of post-Star Wars mania that was still going strong. This copy of mine is in horrible condition, but that's because I got it brand new when I was just eight years old!

What really makes this cheapy printed paperback so dog-gone cool is that it was spawned from the prolific pen of the master himself, Will Eisner! While this is obviously a quicky job for him, you can definitely see the unmistakeable touches of Eisner's peerless ability in the ink, and thus this book remains a treasure I consider to be one of the coolest things I own!

Here's a few scans...(click for a closer look)

Here's a fellow with slightly more info (and a much nicer condition copy) here....

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