Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Supreme Nothing's 1/2 Hour of Power: Episode TEN!

Hey, TEN episodes, that's some sort of milestone, right? The Half Hour returns with another liberating and highly fulfilling episode of audio oddities and assorted treasures!

This time we've got Japanese Spazz-core, lovely Brit-pop, heavenly Bossa Nova, French torch-songs, Gothic Country, and much, much more, including a reveal of a guilty pleasure that I've kept quiet for too long...

Download this audio adventure


Qomolangma Tomato - In Your Reality (Buy It!)
Sandie Shaw - Long Live Love ( iTunes )
Vals Dan Folke Mart Fryburg - Haar Harmonikassen (Thanks to Splogman!)
The Milkees - Breakaway (Myspace)
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Samba de Uma Nota So (One Note Samba) (iTunes & Amazon)
Moira - Si Tu Dois Me Quitter
Lightning Beat Man - Wild Baby Wow (Official Website)
Perfume - Baby Cruising Love (CD Japan)
Tarnation - It's Not Easy (iTunes )

Qomolangma Tomato...

Sandie Shaw...

Enjoy the music, and thanks for listening!

Note: The purpose of Supreme Nothing's 1/2 Hour Of Power is to share music that deserves to be heard. We encourage you to support the artists behind the music you love. There is no profit to be made from this podcast, and no commissions are being received by the links provided to purchase music.

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