Friday, October 01, 2010

Supreme Nothing's 1/2 Hour of Power: Episode EIGHT!

Yes, yes, it's just a little bit late, but here at the Supreme Nothing compound, we will release no podcast before it's time. Episode eight of this series of audio exploration is waiting to take you away to a magical place for the next thirty minutes and 18 seconds....

Here's the score...

Wiskey Biscuit - A Shot In The Dark
Cub - My Chinchilla (You can get this from iTunes!)
Scott Walker - Best Of Both Worlds (iTunes) (Amazon)
DMBQ - She Walks (iTunes) (Amazon)
Marie LaforĂȘt - Es Si Je T'aime (iTunes)
Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross - Twisted (iTunes) (Amazon)
Paranmaum - Aoi Kokoro
Sugar Plant - Behind The Door (iTunes)
Kenneth Patchen - The Murder Of Two Men By A Young Kid Wearing Lemon Colored Gloves (iTunes)

Download the podcast
right here!

A video from the great band Cub, who sadly aren't around anymore...

And here's DMBQ in action!

Thanks, and enjoy the show!

Note: The purpose of Supreme Nothing's 1/2 Hour Of Power is to share music that deserves to be heard. We encourage you to support the artists behind the music you love. There is no profit to be made from this podcast, and no commissions are being received by the links provided to purchase music.

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