Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shonen Knife North American Tour 2010!!!

Rock n Roll supergroup Shonen Knife are on a North American tour right now, traveling across America & parts of Canada, leaving thousands of glowing, happy fans everywhere!

If the Knife is coming to your town (or at least close enough to travel), you owe it to yourself to enjoy a night of legendary music with some very cool and sincerely nice ladies. It's easily one of the most fun bands I've ever had the pleasure to see live, and it'll leave you feeling great when the night is over.

One of the great things about the internet is that plenty of videos and images from the gigs will show up as the tour continues, plus you can use Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the band's journey to your town...

Here's a video from the tour's very first night in Seattle. As you might expect from the first stop on a tour, the band struggles with a few sound problems, but despite the issue, Shonen Knife's positive attitude handles it so well that it actually makes the show more enjoyable. Also, a fabulous introduction to new drummer Emi Morimoto. She's appears to be full of personality and lots of fun!

And make sure you check out Good Charamel's website and their blog , where you'll see complete tour dates and links to other places on the web to keep up with the tour.

Also check out these Twitter accounts:
Ritsuko @SK_Ritsuko
Good Charamel @goodcharamel
And their super-cool tour manager & fellow recording artist, DJ Sashimi @dj_sashimi
You can also follow my "Tomato Heads" twitter list.

Naturally we can expect more great videos, photos and fun tweets as the tour progresses, so keep an eye for more awesome Shonen Knife stuff!

As for me, I'll be rockin' with the band in Washington DC, on the 26th. See you there!

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