Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Objects From Childhood...

A few photos of some of my acquisitions. I've actually had most of this stuff since I was a kid.

Fisher-Price Adventure People, trapped in a love triangle?

From back in the days when Tonka made heavy-duty, impossible to destroy toys!

Mattel's Rodan toy was loosely tied into their Shogun Warriors line. Sadly, his head is all I have left! (I couldn't bring myself to throw it away.) Evidently this would be worth quite a bit of money if I hadn't broken it.

And of course, vintage Star Wars figures! Like a lot of people my age, old-school Star Wars fully dominated my formative years. Of all the things from my early years, these are the things I will never be able to part with.

And while certainly not vintage, I love this totally cool Mars Attacks robot more than the movie that inspired it, and it sits proudly with my older objects.

More to come later!

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