Sunday, February 08, 2009

I'll Miss Lux Interior

In all sincerity I really do think Cramps singer Lux Interior was hands down one on the greastest musical frontmen of all time. The skin-tight clothes, the spastic movements, and his howling vocals helped keep the garage-punk spirit alive in a world of dull and sanitized middle of the road music.

But as much as I loved the Cramps' music, it was their love of pop-culture nuttiness that really inspired me. Lux and Poison Ivy were avid collectors of strange thrift-store records, found video tapes, and all around forgotten weirdness who went out their way to share with like-minded maniacs. Lux turned me on to so much crazy stuff, I'd never possibly be able to thank him properly.

Thanks for everything, Lux Interior, I'll miss you.

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Gregory Smith said...

i miss him so much , greg smith australia